What is Low Blood Pressure Caused By

Low blood pressure otherwise referred to as hypotension can be caused by many factors including but not limited to medication, lifestyle habits and various health complications as well. It’s normal for the blood pressure of an individual tends to fluctuate and is usually influenced by the activities that one is engaged in completing. For instance, the temperature of the environment, stress levels, and your diet all play an important role in your overall blood pressure. For this reason, checking your blood pressure every once in a blue moon has its inherent benefits for your overall well-being. Reading bpmonitoradvisor reviews is the best way to choose the best product for you.

What is Low Blood Pressure Caused By

Here are some of the common causes of low blood pressure in the body:

Reduction in Blood Volume

Low Blood Pressure CauseA drop in blood volume can cause the overall blood pressure to drop. To be specific, any loss caused by blood loss from trauma, excessive bleeding and dehydration as well.


There are several drugs that can cause low blood pressure including but not limited to diuretics, antidepressants, erectile dysfunction drugs, narcotics and several heart medications as well.

Heart Complications

The most common heart conditions that lead to low pressure include difficulties that are affiliated with a heart attack, heart failure, and any other heart-related complications. In such a case, one’s heart may fail to circulate sufficient blood to accommodate all the body functions.

Endocrine Complications

These are the health complications that are related to hormone production glands in the body. Other similar endocrine complications include lack of adrenaline, low blood sugar and in some cases diabetes.

Nutritional Deficiencies

Lack if the body essential vitamins such as B and lack of iron in the body can lead to anemia, which can then result in low blood pressure. Other nutritional complications that may result in low blood pressure include kwashiorkor, low blood pressure, and marasmus.


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